Road Scholar Program

The Road Scholar program coordinates and provides low-cost workshops and training for Utah's transportation programs. Instructors are Utah LTAP staff, or other knowledgeable, proven professionals.

The new Road Supervisor track, intended for supervisors, is independent of the other 2 program tracks. The Road Supervisor track includes electives unique to itself. (Not the same electives as the Road Scholar/Master tracks.)

Training Certificates

By completing Road Scholar workshops, transportation professionals can be awarded a Road Scholar (lvl 1), Road Master (lvl2), or Road Supervisor certificate from Utah LTAP.

Road Scholar Courses & Requirements

Road Scholar (Level 1)
Road Master (Level 2)
Road Supervisor
Electives (Level 1 or 2)
Road Supervisor Electives

The Road Supervisor program is still being finalized.

* The electives for Road Supervisor are separate from Road Scholar/Master.