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Interpersonal Skills

Road Scholar Eligibility

This class is a fills a Road Master (Level 2) requirement.


Length: 4 hours

Supervisors are critical to an effective risk management program.  In addition to recognizing and controlling loss sources for the employer, supervisors must know how to take appropriate actions in order to reduce the employers liability.  They are also required to work with a wide variety of individuals, both co-workers and others.  And they need to know how to get results. That means making employees be the best they can be and providing good customer service to citizens, even when they cannot accommodate the citizens request.

These courses are communications, motivational and employee interaction courses.  Basic skills include coaching, assertiveness, and verbal influence (which means redirecting behavior using words) and communication with different genders, generations, and personality styles.  Discussions include how masterful communications can turn "confrontations", such as disciplinary scenarios and/or dealing with an irate citizen or customer, into success stories.