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Storm Water Program

When does my certificate expire?

Your initial certificate expires 2 years from the date you attended the RSI or RSW class. Expirations renew 2 years from the original expiration date. You can also look up your expiration date in your Storm Water Records/Renewal page or in the public listing.

How do I know my (re)certification is complete?

You can view your status in your Storm Water Records/Renewal page.

You should also receive an email with your certificate.

How long do I have to get my inspections done after I complete the course?

6 Months.

All RSI requirements can be found on the RSI requirements page.

All RSW requirements can be found on the RSW requirements page.

What do I do after I've completed my inspections?

You will record the UTR#, date, and location in your Storm Water Records/Renewal page.

Can I receive DOPL-approved CEU credit with the State of Utah?

You may. Please complete the DOPL section when registering online.

Professional Development for Re-Certification

Storm Water re-certifications requires a number of hours of professional development. (These have previously been labeled "continuing education"; but are more correctly referred to as "professional development". They should not be confused with the "continuing education credits" required for certain professional licenses. Professional development hours may include online or in-person training, or on-topic conferences.

Do you have a list of seminars that qualify for the professional development required for renewal?

No. However there are several organizations that provide training on related topics. Below are just some of the options we've found:

What topics do you suggest to meet the criteria for Storm Water professional development?

Topics may include:

  • Clean Water Act
  • Low Impact Development
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Nutrient Management
  • Construction Site Runoff Control
  • Watershed Protection and Planning
  • Best Management Practices
  • SWPPP Development
  • Erosion and Sediment Control

Is there a cost for professional development training?

That depends on the training you select. The EPA offers numerous recorded courses that are available at no cost.

What documentation is required of professional development training?

You must provide a short description and hours of each training you received. Training must be completed during each certification period.

You may complete another RSI or RSW course to obtain, but you will need to pay the course fee and take the test again.

Where do I submit the documentation of professional development hours?

You will report your hours in your Storm Water Records/Renewal page.