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Road / Asset Surveys

Utah LTAP can help you start or continue management of your transportation assets, including roads, signs, and sidewalks. We've completed road management projects for over 90 public entities throughout Utah.

Asset management helps you:

Utah LTAP partners with Utah State Univeristy's Civil Engineering students . They get real-world experience, and you get high quality work at a great price. Our most common projects are listed below. They may also be able to help with other asset management projects. Give us a call!

Road Inventory/Condition Survey

Our teams make a quick "RSL" (Remaining Service Life) evaluation of each road segment; checking for visible distresses in a variety of categories. After evaluation, they prepare a report detailing categories of suggested treatment and possible budget trajectory.

Sign Inventory & Retro-Reflectivity

A sign inventory adds each sign into a GIS-connected database. We can also check retro-reflectivity for you.

Sidewalk Inventory

We've even assisted cities in checking for potential ADA or other issues with their sidewalks.

Traffic / Turn Counts

Our crews can set up counters to record traffic on your roads. We also do turn-counts, either by hand, or using automatic video recorders.

Free GIS Software

We use our free TAMS Software to map assets to physical location. TAMS (Transportation Asset Management System) is developed by Utah LTAP as an open-source project. Our staff can also provide training or technical assistance for using TAMS.