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LTAP Software

TAMS: Version 4


TAMS 4 is currently in beta status. This means that we think it's mostly working, but there are still some bugs. Some features from previous versions are not available; some will be added in future versions. Please read the current Known Bugs / Changes (below) for known bugs and work-arounds.

TAMS 4 includes bug and problem-reporting capability. If you test this software, please report any bugs or problems through the help menu in TAMS.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7,8,10 - 64bit (32 bit version will follow)
  • 4GB+ RAM recommended
  • SXGA+ Screen Resolution (1280x1024) strongly recommended

Download TAMS 4 for Testing

Click here to download Click-Once installer.

TAMS software is cryptographically signed by Utah State University. (To verify that it's really from USU.)

Known Bugs / Changes