ATSSA Traffic Control Technician (TCT)

Road Scholar Eligibility

This class is a fills a Electives requirement.


$145 - State & Local Agencies
$145 - Out of state or private companies

$75 - Test Retake if necessary

* Cost may vary


Length: 8 hours

The Traffic Control technician course is offered as an introduction to the basic principles of temporary work zone traffic control.  This training course is designed to instruct the participants in the underlying principles of temporary traffic control as set forth in the MUTCD.

In this course students will be provided with practical knowledge, techniques, and instruction on the installation and maintenance of traffic control devices to enable them to apply practical concepts.  This course is recommended for all workers who may be required to handle temporary traffic control devices; and is accepted by UDOT as a Traffic Control Maintainer*.

Workers are required to complete a written examination and will receive a certificate of completion from ATSSA. Training is good for 4 years. It will take 6-8 weeks for certificates to be mailed.

RETAKE TESTS if you do not pass the test the first time, you can do a retake test, by calling Utah Ltap to set it up with the Instructor.  The cost of the ATSSA retake is $75 and must be paid before the test is administered.

* The APWA and UDOT specifications as outlined in Traffic Control 01554 Section 1.9 requires that the Traffic Control Maintainer be certified by the Department or by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) as a Traffic Control Technician (TCT). Each crew should have at least one member certified as a Traffic Control Technician.  The MUTCD Section 6D.03 states workers having specific TTC responsibilities should be trained in TTC techniques, device usage, and placement.