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ATSSA Flagger Certification

Road Scholar Eligibility

This class is a fills a Road Scholar (Level 1) requirement.



* Cost may vary


Length: 4 hours

This course is recognized by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) in fulfilling their requirements for various levels of traffic control training for local agencies.

This state-specific flagger training is recommended for all roadway workers, contractors, law enforcement and supervisors. This is a basic course that prepares each worker to handle the responsibilities associated with Utah highway flagger responsibilities as outlined in Part 6 of the MUTCD.

In the course, each worker will be required to take a short exam and demonstrate their understanding of the rules covering a flagger through a mockup of a traffic control situation.

ATSSA Certification card will be issued to those who pass the exam.  Certification is good for 3 yearsMust be l8 years of age or older.

As a certified flagger you are certified to help control the movement of motor vehicles through an active work zone. This certification only allows the certified person to perform the duties of a flagger and control traffic in a work zone. This training does not certify the person to set up any traffic control. Utah requires a State Specific course. This certification is valid for three (3) years and must be renewed at a training every three years.

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