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About - General Information

The Utah Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center was established in 1988 at Utah State University in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration's Local Technical Assistance Program and the Utah Department of Transportation.

The Utah LTAP Center is committed to serving local agencies, UDOT, FHWA, and the transportation industry through:

  • Technology Transfer
  • Technical Assistance
  • Training and Workforce Development
  • Information Services
  • Assisting with all other Transportation Needs

How Do We Serve Local Utah Agencies?

The Utah LTAP serves local Utah agencies by:

  • providing workshops and other training through our Road Scholar program to local Utah agencies to help them effectively manage their local transportation programs.
  • offering a free library of publications, videos, and other products for local Utah agencies.
  • producing and distributing a quarterly "On The Move" newsletter, and periodic technical alert bulletins for local Utah agencies. (Sign up to recieve the newsletter and alerts.)
  • offering information services for local Utah agencies in finding the references and resources they need to serve their local constituents.
  • providing direct technical assistance for local Utah agencies in dealing with their specific transportation challenges.
  • offering special transportation projects such as infrastructure management, road surface management, innovative contracting, etc.
  • working with local Utah and national agencies directly and with our Advisory Board to determine and meet your needs.
  • maintaining this website with information for local Utah agencies.