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TAMS Software Manual

Getting Around

getting around in the software

1 - Current Module

This is where the currently selected module. (For now, there's only the Roads module.) Many of the module controls are in this area. Selecting a different tab (the top of the area) will make the corresponding module active.

2 - Map Toolbar

This is the toolbar for the map. Left-to-right, the displayed controls are:

Some controls in this toolbar may change depending on the active module.

3 - Main map area

See notes for the cursor modes (#2a) about how to interact with the map.

4 - Program Menu

Additional program functionality is found in the top menu. Options that are grayed out are currently unavailable. The "Help" menu includes the option to send a bug report to Utah LTAP. This report will also include some logs to help us understand the problem. (You will be able to view the information included.)