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Safety Software Suite


This software is no longer supported. Please use the newer versions of our software.

The Safety Software Suite is a set of plugins to MapWindow that were developed by the Utah LTAP to assist local agencies in Utah. (For compatibility reasons, we strongly suggest using version MapWindow47SRa-x86).

Plugins Include in the Suite

Signs Plugin

The Signs Plugin is a complete package for signs management. It allows you to inventory the locations/conditions and other important attributes for Signs and Supports On the map. The tool allows you to keep a history of all changes made to a sign or support. It allows you to keep photos, and files stored with the sign they belong to. It has a book-keeping tool that lets you keep track of how many signs/supports of a specific type you have on hand in your shop inventory. It has reporting tools that allow you to print out a list of the signs inspected by an inspector and any extra work done on the sign. There is a Warrant Life tool that allows you to figure out how many signs will be expiring in a given date range and how much it will cost to fix them. There are Merging tools that allow you to merge two signs projects together.

Crash Plugin

The Crash Tools Plug-in has tools for inventorying crash locations on the map, updateing itself from almost any electronic formatted data. It has several reporting options, and analysis tools that include:

Part of the Crash Tools Plugin Is the Intersection analysis tool. This tool allows you to attribute that intersection, the legs of the intersection, and each lane of the intersection so that It will show up like the real one in a report. It allows you to do a EPDO and Crash Rate Ranking for each intersection based on the Crashes in the vicinity and the number of entering vehicles into the intersection. It has a Warrant study tool that will ask simple questions about the intersection and it can tell you if it warrants a Yield, Stop, 4-way Stop, or Signal intersection.

RSA Plugin

Designed to Collect the same data as the FHWA RSA software, This Plug-in has been appended to displayed on a GIS base, keep track of photos by location and by Issue, Hold important files photos, and other documents relevant to a RSA Project. This Plug-in allows you to create Benefit/Cost Worksheets for suggested work for each RSA Location. This tool interacts with our Crash plugin and pulls in crash information from the area surrounding the report to fill out parts of those worksheets initially.

ADA Ramps Plugin

This plugin allows you to inventory, and prioritize ADA ramp locations, and keep track of any changes made to those locations on the map. This tool allows you to keep Photos and any other type of file associated with a ramp location.

GPS Plugin

This plugin allows you to connect to a USB GPS device, Track your position on the map, and mark the path that was taken from your starting position to your current position. Part of this tool is a Photo Logger tool that will allow you to connect to a simple webcam and take photos at regular distance intervals along a road to create a visual log of that road.

Location Plugin

All of our Plug-ins use a single location tool which allows you to locate an event by several options: