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EDC Exchange

EDC Exchange - In Lieu Fees / Mitigation Banking

When: Jun 21, 2012 - Jun 21, 2012

Jun 21, 2012
12:00pm - 2:00 pm


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Course Description

Can they really save you valuable time and money?

Environmental permitting often requires some form of wetland or stream mitigation.  Did you know that the most recent federal Regulations require that ALL wetland mitigation sites must be protected in perpetuity, no matter the size of the mitigation site?  This means the wetland mitigation site must be maintained as a wetland, without invasive weeds, forever.  This can increase the overall cost of doing your own wetland mitigation site.  It may be cheaper, faster, and easier to have another entity fulfill your mitigation obligations so you can focus on what you do best, building roads and facilities.  With mitigation banking and in-lieu fee programs, Local Public Agencies (LPA’s) and Tribes can save time and money negotiating with the regulatory agencies about mitigation site selection, designing, developing and maintaining the site forever. 

Mitigation banking and in-lieu fee programs are two options designed to satisfy the environmental mitigation obligations for the federal Clean Water Act.  These are programs that have been pre-approved to sell mitigation credits to entities, such as LPA’s and Tribes, to carry out the wetland or stream mitigation on your behalf.  This session will highlight the benefits of utilizing mitigation banks or in-lieu fee programs.  This session will also provide examples of the successful use of these programs for satisfying mitigation requirements and avoiding enforcement actions from environmental permitting agencies.


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Deadline for online registration: 3 days prior to workshop.  (Registration available on-site prior to conference.)

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(Registration is separate for each EDC Exchange.)

Arrive Early! Registration desk opens at 11:00 am. Please check in at the Visitor’s Entrance of the UDOT Region Two office. Brown Bag Lunch or Lunch will be available for $8.50.  (Lunch must be pre-ordered at time of on-line registration.)

Road Scholar

This course fullfils an elective requirement for the Road Scholar program.