Welding Maintenance Basics, Safety and Repair Techniques

2 Day Class

When: Nov 13, 2019 - Nov 14, 2019



$150 per person.

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Anthony Stampe


West Jordan

Public Works Department
7960 S. 4000 W.
West Jordan, UT 84088

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Course Description

This course will discuss and show techniques for:

Shielded Metal Arc Welding or "Stick"

Principles, process variables-polarity, work angle, travel angle, arc length, travel speed, Equipment setup, striking an arc, advantages, limitations, troubleshooting, Electrode classifications

Gas and Tungsten Arc Welding or "Tig"

Background, advantages & disadvantages, Polarity, AC balance & AC frequency, Techniques & shielding gasses used,Torch amptrols vs. foot pedal, Welding an aluminum lap joint

Flux Core Arc Welding "FCAW"

Equipment used, polarity, flux agents, Self-shielded vs. gas shielded flux core, Process variables, differing techniques, Advantages & limitations of each

Gas Metal Arc Welding "MIG"

Equipment setup, gasses, wire feed speed, Process variables, CTWD, troubleshooting, Modes of metal transfer, advantages, limits, Electrode classifications

Practical Metallurgy 1

Covers terminology used in the welding & metal forming industry, including: mechanical properties (description & testing), numbering & naming conventions, metals identification, spark test (lab), heat treatments used by welders-Includes 24 page reference manual for each participant. Beneficial for: supervisors, welders, machinists, technicians,
auto & diesel mechanics

Distortion Fundamentals & Control Techniques

The types & causes of weld distortion, factors to
consider & shrinkage control, 2 videos (21 minutes, total), distortion fundamentals, keeping it square, optional lab: table leg exercise (30-45 min.)

Welding Safety

Discussion of basic electricity, arc welding safety, warning labels, Safety Data Sheets, 4 videos (35 minutes, total) covering-Electric Shock - PPE, Fumes & Gasses, Fire & Explosions

Oxy-Fuel Safety

Covers proper torch operation & cylinder safety, including: Proper start-up & shut down procedures, Differences between acetylene & alternate fuel cylinders & equipment, Avoiding hazards when cutting & heating, Features Victor Technologies videos, cross-sectional, models of equipment, checklists, safety quiz

Registration Notes

Because this is a specialized course, payment will be required in advance and there will be no refunds after the registration deadline if someone is not able to attend, which will be 1 month before the course. ***Note we do have the capability of changing the name on a registration, if for some reason the original person registered is not able to attend and you want to substitute another person from your agency. Please notify us of any changes. 

NOTE:  Registrations for unaffiliated, private individuals, are not finalized until payment has been received.

Road Scholar

This course fulfills an elective requirement for the Road Scholar program.