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Stormwater Inspection

APWA Utah Utah LTAP coordinates with APWA for both RSI (Registered Stormwater Inspector) and RSR (Registered SWPPP Reviewer) training.

RSI - Registered Stormwater Inspector

The State of Utah, in cooperation with the Utah Stormwater Advisory Committee has developed a program for you. Realizing that the law requires your project to designate a stormwater inspector with training and qualifications - Registered Stormwater Inspector (RSI) training is available.

Perfect for the project superintendent, project manager, compliance officers, or any other position involved with completing stormwater inspections or overseeing them.

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RSR - Registered SWPPP Reviewer / Instructor

The purpose of the RSR program is to establish a professional standard and uniform quality of stormwater SWPPPs and plan reviews in the state of Utah, thereby aiding UPDES and local agency permit compliance.

RSR requirements are recognized by USWAC and UDEQ-DWQ. The program will include:

  • Recognized/Approved curriculum, program, training and cost
  • Recognized RSR Trainers

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